Thursday, October 14, 2010

About Password Psychology

Many hackers from cracking the password entry is started! But the decryption password becomes important from a required course, I would like to talk about today is not how to cracking the password, but an article on the psychology password! If the following just some of Liezi similar set your password, then please change it immediately, your password is compromised the possibility of very big!

Firstly I should say many thanks to password protect the root method, the password set when he finished, the testing program will automatically prompt password insecurity, until the ROOT password changed without rules. So, these passwords with a password is a waste of effort to analyze the psychology of the! Our main needle is some ordinary user! When we set the password when most people are familiar with their own words, so make them easy to remember! No way, people are born lazy! So what words are easy to remember that! Is it not law? We can do a psychological test! The test is taken out from college, I had 100 students, and then ask them to write two words! And tell them the word is the password for the computer is very important, and the future utilization rate is very high! Asking them to consider carefully as possible!

Well! Let's analyze the test results now!

1, with a maximum of their Chinese pinyin. 37

This tells us that a password cracking dictionary file should be listed on China's special! Use the names of some Chinese Pinyin dictionary file!

Such as: wanghai, zhangli, shenqin and more!

2, using 23 commonly used English words

Many of them have spent a very specific meaning of words, such as: hello, good, happy, anything, and so on!

3, using the computer that often appear in word 18

These words there are operating system commands, such as: system, command, copy, harddisk, mouse, and so on!

4, with their date of birth 7

Years on which different! However, 3 of them with the date that the Chinese popular method! If 970203,199703,050498, etc.! These tests the same two words, 21 people, nearly the same 33 people!

Although there are some people I did not used to categorize them, but still a regular! Hopefully the above can give you the decryption of psychological tests to bring some enlightenment! But not to the violent methods of the blind!

On so many password guessing method, of course, talk about how to protect your password is not compromised, please observe the following principles:

[1] do not have birthday as your password (too easy to guess the Rights)

[2] do not have serial number as your password (unless you infinite ordinal number)

[3] do not have ID number as your password (LetMeIn! There guess function Ye ID numbers)

[4] do not get this in the dictionary word as your password.

Some say so in accordance with the above, look like the most is not easy to guess passwords, and he is best remember it?? The answer is: with a sense of words as their passwords, such as: NoOneCanCrackIt is difficult to guess a password type , based on the principles of law that password guessing your password is not to make some updates, or some case to swap?? If your password is coolfire, advise you to change CoolFire or coolfires (plus plural " ; s "), so guessed a lot of chances on the small.

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